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We pride ourselves in being a true advocate for our clients.

About Haghani Law

Effective advocacy is built upon two bedrocks of

  1. listening to the client’s message; and
  2. believe in the client’s case.

As Dale Carnegie said, an effective advocate must actually ENTER INTO the cause he advocates and the case he argues.

Milad Haghani has more than a decade of experience in effectively advocating for his clients. He is known to work tirelessly for each client, dedicating personalized attention and all resources in ferociously advancing their interests.

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What We Do

Our Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents can result in catastrophic injury or death. We will ensure you are compensated for all your losses by pursing accident…

Real Estate

Our real estate services include representing you in purchase, sale, or refinance of your home, office, land, or any other real…

Long Term Disability

Have you been denied your disability claim? Does the insurance company claim you can return to work when you are certain…

Slip and Fall

A sudden trip and fall or other accidents caused by failure to properly maintain a store, sidewalk, or other property can result to…

Estate Administration

An experienced probate lawyer can ease the executor’s task of administering estate of a deceased, in accordance with their last…

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows the grantor or the person granting the power (also known as the donor) to…

What Makes Us Different

You’re in the best of hands

We Go The Distance For You – Literally

We take your matters personally. In fact, we tend to obsess over your success! Creatively and persistently we leave no stone unturned to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome. Throwing in the towel is one thing we don’t do. On top of that, rely on us to come to you for a face-to-face (but socially-distanced) meeting.

You Have Our Full Attention – From Beginning To End

Here you get to talk to your lawyer when and where you need to. We make cutting-edge legal services available at our clients’ fingertips. We listen to our clients and we listen carefully because we know that your case is unlike any other we ever had or we ever will have. 

You are Covered in Every Imaginable Way

We pride ourselves in being true advocates for our clients. That is a high threshold and we are constantly striving towards it. That’s why we are always building upon our vast enterprise to ensure you are covered in every imaginable way. We provide value to our clients by making our ever-expanding network of connections available at their fingertips. Afterall, it’s not ONLY what you know, but who you know. 

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As the problems of “traffic” and “climate change” continue to grow, people are more eager to find more efficient, cheaper, faster, and environmentally friendly transportation methods. Kick-Style Electric Scooter – better known as E-Scooters – seem to have become one...

Multiple Wills as a Strategy to Save on Probate Taxes

Multiple Wills as a Strategy to Save on Probate Taxes

Having multiple Wills is one of the strategies used to reduce or avoid the amount of taxes payable by the estate on death (probate taxes). In Ontario, probate or estate administration taxes (the terms “probate tax” and “estate administration tax” are used...

Recent changes to the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure

Recent changes to the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure

For those of you who may not know Rules of Civil Procedure (the “Rules”) is a set of rules, which as the name implies, govern the civil court procedure in Ontario. Like all other statutes, the Rules are available to public in Ontario government’s website at...


“I sustained severe injuries, including a brain injury and orthopaedic injuries, in a car accident that was not my fault. I am an engineer by training, and owned a successful business at the time of the accident. Due to my injuries, I was unable to continue working. He secured the compensation as expected. He is a cutting edge lawyer who lives and breathes the law.”

Donna James

“He has tremendous litigation skills. I’ve never known another lawyer more prepared or focused. He has the ability to dissect a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm. Nothing seems to rattle this guy or distract him from his goal on a case. He’s also one of the most ethical lawyers I’ve ever known.”

Charles Jenners

“I practiced for many years as a nurse. Unfortunately, I was involved in a serious car accident and I sustained significant orthopaedic and other injuries. At the time of the accident, I spent the majority of my professional time as a surgical nurse at a large teaching hospital. He helped me get back on track with financial assistance through compensation. Thank you very much.”

Shirley Khloers

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