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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents can result in catastrophic injury or death. We will ensure you are compensated for all your losses by pursing accident benefits and tort claims.


Our real estate services include representing you in purchase, sale, or refinance of your home, office, land, or any other real property in Ontario.


Have you been denied your disability claim? Does the insurance company claim you can return to work when you are certain you cannot? Call us. We can help.

slip and fall

A sudden trip and fall or other accidents caused by failure to properly maintain a store, sidewalk, or other property can result to serious injuries or death. In a free consultation we will ensure you understand your rights to compensation.


Injured in an Accident? Denied Disability Benefits? Lost a Loved One?

Haghani Law Firm – Your Partners In Recovery

At Haghani Law, our personal injury lawyers provide outstanding representation to the people who have been injured in an accident or suffered any kind of harm due to the negligence of a third party. Our professionals are committed to providing the desired results to the clients. We have been representing individuals, families and small businesses in Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Burlington & Milton for the past many years.

Our ultimate motto is to pursue your best interests and provide you justice. We create effective strategies so that you are able to overcome the challenges and complexities of your case. Your success is our success and we can go the extra mile to achieve it. If you have any question, feel free to ask our personal injury lawyers.

Haghani Law provides dedicated legal help required to navigate these difficult issues.

What Makes Us Different

You’re in the best of hands

Here at Haghani Law, we pride ourselves in being a true Advocate for our clients.

For us, the only thing as important as achieving the best results for you is to provide the best kind of service possible throughout the duration of your claim. Yet, our duty to our clients does not end there. Once you are a client of Haghani Law, you can always rely on us for help.

We Will Go The Distance For You – Literally

We make house calls; not just for the first meeting but throughout the duration of your claim; and not only for our clients in GTA but anywhere in the Province! Whether the injuries you sustained make mobility difficult or you just do not want to pay enormous parking fees, give us a call and we will be there to visit you. You have the best support.

You Have Our Full Attention – From Beginning to End

We believe that a true advocate needs to have the time necessary to handle the case properly. Otherwise, he will do a disservice to his or her client. At Haghani Law your matter receives our full attention and the result is always the best you can imagine. And remember, the lawyer you consult at your first interview will be the lawyer handling your file from beginning to the end.

You are Covered in Every Imaginable Way

From hospital discharge to assessing your needs in the future, post-trial, we have the best experts in the industry ready to serve you. Equipped with a dedicated network of professionals in every field, from accountants to neurosurgeons, you will be supported by the best in the field. Our experts will provide all the opinions necessary to help your case succeed.

Our Fees are Reasonable and Competitive

Injury and Disability Claims

Experience True Advocacy

Getting You the Help You Deserve

When people are injured, they are unable to work and thus cash flow can become an enormous burden. We recognize that our clients are suffering and are under enormous financial stress. That is why we use the contingency fee arrangement where client is not required to pay any fees or expenses unless the case is successful. If you don’t recover any monies from the lawsuit, there will be no legal fees.

Free Initial Consultation with No Continual Obligation

Haghani Law is a boutique law firm, focused on achieving the best results for every one of our clients – not on having more files and settlements. We deliberately keep the number of our clients small so that we can dedicate ourselves fully to their matters. You are encouraged to be an active participant in major steps of your claim. We spend time explaining complex legal processes to our clients and ensure that important decisions are made, only after you are fully aware of all relevant factors.

Words From Our Clients

You’re in the best of hands

Our Client


“After suffering a debilitating arm injury at work, and dealing with the usual antics that the majority of employees encounter with insurance companies, my case was closed without reasonable cause and my payments were ceased‎. Being that I was unable to return to work under any circumstance, I was forced to seek some form of legal advice and or assistance. “


Our Client

Donna James

“I sustained severe injuries, including a brain injury and orthopaedic injuries, in a car accident that was not my fault. I am an engineer by training, and owned a successful business at the time of the accident. Due to my injuries, I was unable to continue working. He secured the compensation as expected. He is a cutting edge lawyer who lives and breathes the law.”

Our Client

Shirley Khloers

“I practiced for many years as a nurse. Unfortunately, I was involved in a serious car accident and I sustained significant orthopaedic and other injuries. At the time of the accident, I spent the majority of my professional time as a surgical nurse at a large teaching hospital. He helped me get back on track with financial assistance through compensation. Thank you very much.”

Real Estate

Experience True Dedication

In today’s economic condition, individuals and companies need excellent legal services at a reasonable cost. We understand this need and pledge to provide you with nothing less.

Real estate lawyers at Haghani Law Office serve individuals and companies with comprehensive service in the field of real estate transactions. Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing your house or need help with reviewing a condominium status certificate or an agreement of purchase and sale, you can rely on us for professional legal service at a reasonable and competitive cost. We are committed in helping you achieve your goals in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

Residential Real Estate

We deal in residential real estate services and help you close your deal with the right legal assistance.

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Commercial Real Estate

Thinking of buying commercial real estate? Our professionals will deliver the right legal assistance.

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Mortgage and Refinance

Mortgage and refinance can get tricky. Talk to us before you sign on mortgage or refinance documents.

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Title Transfer

Title transfers involve considerable legal involvement. Get the right legal guidance from our professionals.

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