Animal Attack

The vast majority of animal bites are by dogs. However, cats, horses, and even exotic animals at zoos are occasionally involved.

While many dog bites are likely to heal quickly, in serious cases the injuries can be so severe that they lead to permanent disfigurement and require surgery. Unfortunately, children are the most common victims of dog attacks because of their natural curiosity, and often under appreciation of the threat a dog can pose. Because of their small size, children are also more likely to suffer more extensive and serious injuries in an attack than those typically sustained by an adult.

Aside from the physical injuries sustained in an attack, dog bites can also lead to emotional trauma, especially for young children who may develop phobias of dogs and other animals that carry through into adulthood. Because of Ontario’s strict liability laws surrounding dog owners, any victim of a dog bite should contact our personal injury lawyer to see what form of compensation may be available.

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What Is The Law In Ontario Regarding Animal Attack Or Bite?

In Ontario, like many other provinces in Canada, the law regarding dog attack is codified in a piece of legislation called the Dog Owners’ Liability Act.

Section 2(1) of this statute reads:

The Owner Of A Dog Is Liable For Damages Resulting From A Bite Or Attack By The Dog On Another Person Or Domestic Animal.

This law makes the owner of a dog responsible for any injuries and damages that the canine may cause to others – by attacking or biting. It does not matter that the owner was careful with the dog or did not know that it may hurt someone. It also does not matter that the owner made efforts to prevent the dog from causing injuries.

What Sort Of Compensation Can I Expect To Receive For Injuries Suffered As A Result A Dog Attack?

You may expect to receive compensation for your healthcare costs, including rehabilitation costs, cost of medicine and prescription drugs, or surgeries, income loss (also called wage loss or income replacement), as well as pain and suffering, among others. Remember that the family members of a person injured as a result of a dog attack or dog bite are also entitled to make claims. We will be happy to explain how. Give us a call anytime.

Will The Dog Be Put Down If I Make A Claim For My Dog Bite Injuries?

Not necessarily. In cases where the court may determine the dog to be a menace to safety of others, an order to destroy the animal may be made. However, the reality of our justice system is that most of the claims do not make it to trial and will settle.

Will The Owner Have To Pay Out Of Pocket For My Injuries?

In most cases the home insurer of the dog owner will take over the defence and payment of the claim.

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