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A Will is a legal document that speaks of your directions and wishes after you die. While you are alive, there is no legal power to your Will.

Having a Will is a great idea for various reasons. The most obvious function is that you could ensure your estate is distributed among your beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes and not the preferences of the government. Other functions of a Will include your ability to appoint a guardian for your minor child(ren).  In some religions, such as the Baha’i Faith, having a Will is mandatory.

In Ontario, Part II of the Succession Law Reform Act, deals with the distribution of an intestate estate. Intestate estate is the estate of someone who died without having a valid and legally enforceable Will. In Ontario, the laws that regulate the distribution of the estate of someone who died without a legally valid Will are called intestacy laws.

Flat fee for Will or making house calls

Flat Fee for Will

  • We offer fair, affordable and flat-fee options for your estate planning needs.
  • Personal Will: $249.99 (mirror wills for spouses for $449.99)
  • Will and Power of Attorney: $299.99
  • One Power of Attorney: $85.49 (or two for $149.99)

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